MATLAB Programming

MATLAB is a platform for the researchers to implement and analyze their research problems. Now days MATLAB has become the programming language of every engineer. If you are doing masters or doctorate, definitely you have to use this software because its capabilities are amazing. This course is designed for you, to provide basic knowledge of MATLAB and give a start to your project.


Basic knowledge of Matrices (Rows, columns)

Course duration

50 Hours


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course syllabus

Introduction to MATLAB, Get familiar with MATLAB Environment, Get familiar with MATLAB Commands, How to write Mathematical Expressions in MATLAB, How to write a simple MATLAB Program, Variables and Arrays, Multidimensional arrays, Initializing variables in MATLAB, Reading data from notepad and excel file, reading data from audio and video files, Reading and visualize image data, Displaying Output data, Scalar & Array Operations [/su_row]

Introduction to Plotting, Multiple Plots: Subplots, Additional 2D plots: logarithmic,Bar, stem, stair, pi, polar plots 3D Plots: Mesh, Surf Additional Plotting Features: Axis control, plot multiple graphs in a single figure, Change the line color and style, Change font style and size, Write subscript and superscript, Write mathematical symbols in MATLAB figure, stream modifiers

Find roots of a polynomial, Evaluate polynomial for a given value, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication of Polynomials, Partial fraction expansion in MATLAB. Create transfer function (TF) in MATLAB, Calculate poles and zeros from TF, Pole zero plot, Transfer function Response or frequency response, Bode plot

Top down design technique, Pseudo code, Need of Control statement, Operators: Arithmetic, Relational and Logical, Hierarchy of operators; if construct, Nested if construct, Switch construct, While loop, for loop, Break and continue, loop based problems

How to create a user defined function, function creation for polar to rectangular conversion, hyperbolic sine and cosine etc., distance calculation between two points ,Types of functions: function functions, Sub-functions, Nested functions, Private functions, Global data sharing , Preserve data between calls, String Functions.

Note: To facilitate students, syllabus can be customized as per the individual’s requirements.

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