Signals and Systems

Signals and Systems

In our daily life, we communicate with each other, what is the mean by which we convey the message to the next person? Answer is Signal. Therefore Signal is the collection of data that can be processed by a system to get useful information. This course introduces the fundamental principles of signals and systems. These concepts form the building blocks for other important courses like Digital Signal Processing, Communication System, Network Systems, and Control Systems etc

Basic knowledge of Integration, Differentiation and Partial fraction
Course duration
50 Hrs

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Representation of Signals, Singularity Functions, Discrete Time Signals, Types of Signals, Signal operations: Time Shifting, Time reversal and Time Scaling
Laplace Transforms- Introduction, Laplace Transforms of common signals, Theorems and properties of Laplace Transforms, Concept of Region of Convergence, Inverse Laplace Transforms; Z Transforms – Introduction, Z Transforms of Common Signals, Theorems and properties of Z Transforms, Inverse Z Transforms
Properties and Significance of CTFT, CTFT of Common Signals, Inverse CTFT; Introduction to DTFT, DTFT of Common Signals, Theorems and Properties – DTFT, Inverse DTFT; Continuous Time and Discrete Time Hilbert Transform and its Properties. Introduction of Gaussian signal and its Fourier transform
System Classification, Linearity/Time Invariance, Causal System, Characterization of LTI Systems, Unit Sample Response, Generalization of D.T. Systems, Concept of Stability, Convolution Integrals/summations, Energy and Power spectral density, Properties of Power spectral Density, Analysis of First order systems, Analysis of second order systems
Nyquist Criterion, Sampling theorem and frequency domain representation of sampling, Sampling Techniques, Reconstruction of band limited signal from its samples, Sampling of Sinusoidal and other signals

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