MATLAB Training by RKTHENUA (Recorded course in Hindi) (Affordable)


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After doing this module you will be much confident about MATLAB Programming and able to write MATLAB Code for a given problem, understand the previous written code and debug yours or others MATLAB codes. Finally get little idea about Simulink model based design also.


MATLAB Basics:
Introduction to MATLAB, Get familiar with MATLAB Environment, Get familiar with MATLAB Commands, How to write Mathematical Expressions in MATLAB, Variables and Arrays, Multidimensional arrays, Scalar & Array Operations, Initializing variables in MATLAB, Reading data
from notepad and excel/csv files, reading data from audio and video files, Reading and visualize image data, reading data from webcam, Displaying Output data,
Introduction to Plotting, Multiple Plots, Subplots, Additional 2D plots: logarithmic, Bar, stem, stair, pi, polar, histogram, compass; 3D Plots: Mesh, Surf, waterfall, contour, patch, cone, sphere etc.;
Additional Plotting Features: Axis control, tick control, change line type and color, Change marker type and style, Change font style and size, stream modifiers: write subscript and superscript, write mathematical symbols in MATLAB figure, Add text on graph.
Loops and Control Statements:
Top down design technique, Need of Control statement, Operators: Arithmetic, Relational and Logical, Hierarchy of operators; if construct, Nested if construct, Switch construct, try and catch construct, while loop, for loop, nested loops, Break and continue, loop based problems.
How to create a user defined function, convert a MATLAB script to a MATLAB function, Types of functions: Anonymous function, Sub-functions, Nested functions, Private functions, Global data sharing, Preserve data between calls, String Functions.
MATLAB Advance concepts:
Cell Arrays, Sparse Arrays, Structures, Function handles, Graphics handles, data importing through functions, Table handling, Live scripting and publishing of formatted codes and results in pdf, html and Latex.
Control Systems:
Polynomial handling, Transfer function representation, pole-zero diagram, state space model, series/cascade, parallel and feedback systems, step and Impulse responses, Root locus, Bode plot, gain margin, phase margin, Nyquist plot.
Numerical Computation Techniques:
Symbolic mathematics toolbox, Integration, Differentiation, Laplace transforms, Z-transform, Ordinary Differential Equations: Euler’s method, Ranga Kutta methods, Non-linear equations Newton-Raphson method, Interpolation, extrapolation, curve fitting toolbox.
Spot an error in previously written code, deep understanding of the MATLAB programs, run program line by line.
Getting MATLAB help
Offline help, online help
Introduction to Model based design, scope in Industry, and few design examples.


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